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Display Ad Providers

In simple terms, if you want to use display advertising you'll either need to work with a Demand Side Platform, an Ad Network or directly with a Publisher. Demand Side Platforms are able to reach audiences through plugging into multiple ad networks and publishers, and then overlay data and targeting tools to refine and target relevant audiences for advertisers. Given the competitive nature of the market, advertisers should be looking at a range of providers here in order to find the best fit.

Mobile DSPs

Mobile Demand Side platforms enable advertisers to target prospects via mobile devices. Most providers focus on display ad formats. Given consumer digital behaviour tends more towards mobile most desktop DSPs also provide mobile ad solutions. However there are a number of mobile-only providers, and companies who consider themselves mobile-first. Such companies will have particular strengths in location targeting, geo-fencing and generating app installs. With such a competitive market, advertiser

Video Ad Platforms

As the name suggests, Video Ad Platforms provide technologies and services to help marketers get video ads in front of relevant audiences. These companies are also referred to ass Video Demand Side Platforms, or Video Ad Networks - but essentially they focus on the same goal for advertisers. Many generic display networks and DSPs have video solutions; some video DSPs are video specialists. Check out the features sets which each provider offers to narrow your search for the right provider.

Social Media Advertising Platforms

Every marketer will be familiar with the major social media platforms. They all typically offer their own direct-to-advertiser sales options. Additionally there is now a plethora of social media ad platforms which plug into the main social media platforms but provide advertisers a range of added value options, often enabling you to get more value from your social ad spend. Certainly worth exploring and testing options before committing serious budget to social campaigns.

Native Advertising Platforms

Native ad plaforms provide solutions which enable advertisers to place ads within media environments whereby the ad is styled in a similar way to the core content on the page, or which is creatively sympathetic to the page design. There are a range of excellent providers in this space and it is really worth exploring the different options available based on your objectives. Also, due to the simpler creative assets required, many native ad providers have self-service options.


The digital advertising landscape provides a multitude of options for marketers. However most ads reach audiences via websites run by publishers. Working directly with publishers can have a number of benefits for advertisers: your ads appear in trusted environments which means the ads perform better, bigger spending advertisers can collaborate with publishers to come up with creative treatment, smaller advertisers may get good mileage from working with a locally focused websites and niche adver

Creative Platforms for Display Advertising

Digital display advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising. It lets marketers display creative, visual and branded messaging in a powerful way to targeted viewers. There is now a wealth of creative ad platforms for all types of businesses - from the largest brand advertisers through to the smallest local business. Given display ads can appear across a multitude of screens, devices and formats, there has never been a more important time to look at how you are choosing creative ad

Creative Platforms for Digital Video

Video has always been an incredibly powerful advertising and communication platform. With the widest onset of high bandwidth across fixed and mobile devices, video has reached a new lease of life and is one of the fastest growing areas in advertising. Supporting this there are a plethora of creative video platforms to support marketers meet their objectives. Explore the range of creative video platforms on

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