Driving New Customer Acquisition and Brand Awareness in the Education Industry

Adtech provider: Whichit

Client: Harper Collins

Sector: Education



Harper Collins Publishers is the second-largest consumer book publisher in the world, and one of the Big Five English-language publishing companies, alongside Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster. The company offers a series of test revision and practice books for children of all ages and abilities. Letts Revision provides every student with the resources they need to improve performance in the skills, topics and subjects taught at school.



Whichit's Interactive Commercial Content is at the forefront of its field. By asking target audiences a series of questions through addictive imaged based polls, surveys, quizzes and trivia, advertisers increase brand engagement, open new revenue streams & gain actionable insights. It runs as rich media ad units through IAB formats, native ad slots, and on social platforms i.e. anywhere across the internet (programmatic and/or straight display) across all devices and channels. The Whichit Ad unit is dynamic, responsive and interactive.


Adtech for education providers, DigitalAdvertising.co.uk 



The client wanted to engage with the target audience to increase brand awareness and drive sales of the revision guides, during the GCSE’s and ALevel tests preparation time (March 2018).



Whichit designed a playful creatives to captivate high school students between the ages of 15-18, a Single Post to be served on Facebook and a humorous video ad for Snapchat, were the short snap video advert ended with a swipe up Call-to-Action that revealed the Whichit Post. The Whichit post on both channels, offering a motivating commercial offer redirecting customers to purchase the revision guides on Letts Amazon page.



Whichit designed the playful Single Post for both channels with relatable and captivating content for the audience’s lifestyle and age: ‘Are you revising or?... Raiding the Fridge, Gaming, Texting Friends, Really Revising the Test.’

Whichit quiz for Harper Collins


Channel – Snapchat Ads

  • Targeting – UK based high school students aged 15 – 18
  • Delivery – Over 1M impressions
  • Swipe Ups – 42K
  • Unique Whichit Views – 30,438
  • Result – Snapchat generated a broad exposure against the target audience generating a high amount of Swipe Ups and impressions. Phenomenal engagement levels, high amount of Ad Clicks, as well as delivering a low cost per engagement.


Channel – Facebook Ads

  • Targeting 
    • Campaign 1 - UK based high school students aged 15 – 18
    • Campaign 2 - UK based single mothers aged 35 -55 with kids ages 15-18
  • Delivery – 195K impressions
  • Cost per Engagement – 50% lower than education industry benchmark
  • Results - Whichit optimized the campaign in-flight to ensure better performance, advising to try a second audience: parents aged 35-55 with kids ages 15-18 years old, and allocate the funds to the Facebook channel, a better route to reach them.
  • Run time – 15 days

Statistics – The Whichit Post in both channels gained insightful data about the audience’s behaviour. Snapchat delivered over 1,200,000 impressions, 42,000 Swipe Ups (over 3.5% Snap ads CTR) and 6,291 Unique Whichit views. Facebook delivered 195,000 impressions.

The campaign has increased reach and awareness of Letts Revision among high school students and their parents. Whichit provided fun, engaging content and established Letts guides as an innovative educational source.



Driving the audience to the Letts website, instead of Amazon to purchase the product will increase sales by providing more information about the guides, and will allow Letts to run a retargeting campaign with site visitors.

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