Choosing the right creative adtech and video tech

How we review and assess creative technologies for advertising, video and asset production

When selecting the best creative solution for creating advertising and video assets, we find that businesses, agencies and production departments make their decisions based on three criteria:

  • Creative control - to what degree does the creative technology or solution allow me to have pixel-perfect creative control over my ads and assets?
  • Speed of production - to what degree does the creative technology allow me to work at speed through ease of use or automations
  • Affordability - to what degree is the creative technology affordable in terms of its licensing model or terms of use

So when you compare adtech and video tech providers on, you will see the following ratings bars for each provider:

Ranking creative providers on bars help you understand the relative attributes of each provider. In the example above, teh creativity bar indicates a high degree of creative control, the speed bar suggests tag assets take a relatively longer time to produce and costs are lower-to-middle of the range.

Typically there is room in the market for many types of solutions, but there is usually some degree of trade off between the three criteria. For example, a technology which is perhaps driven by templates may be brilliant for speed of ad production, but may not give the level of pixel-perfect control some brands may require. Another solution, for example, may be cheap and cheerful, but not have the features you need to create the ads you need. Typically we find a creative provider may score well on two of the three, but very few rank high for creative control, speed of production and pricing.

So when we rank and rate creative providers our aim is to provide our users with sufficient guidance for them to shortlist relevant providers based on their preference for creative control, speed of production or affordability. As guidance, we use the following following criteria:

Creative control - ordered highest to lowest

  1. Ability to control all creative components and attributes at the pixel level
  2. Ability to fine-tune all elements of the ad and assets to highly tailorable levels
  3. Strong features control on animations, transitions, pacing
  4. Reasonable selection of features and controls
  5. Limited selection of features and controls
  6. Templates with good ability to change elements
  7. Tightly controlled templates with limited ability to changes elements
  8. Strictly controlled templates with restricted ability to change elements

Speed of production - ordered fastest to slowest

  1. Automatic creation of ad(s) with minimal finessing required
  2. Automatic creation of ad(s) with some finessing required
  3. Ability to create multiple variants of core ad automatically
  4. Wizard-like approach to quickly create assets, typically template driven
  5. High degree of automation features to assemble assets or ads
  6. Little automation and multiple features result in slower production time
  7. Manually create individual ads or assets
  8. Manually recreate different shapes and sizes

Cost - ordered highest cost to lowest cost

  1. The combination of time to use the service plus the licensing costs results in a relatively high cost per ad /asset relative to other providers
  2. The combination of time required plus a mid-priced pricing model creates a medium cost per ad / asset relative to other providers
  3. The combination of time required plus a low cost pricing model creates a low cost per ad / asset relative to other providers

Armed with that information, search away to find the best creative providers for your campaign or production needs. 



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