Fostering Safe Environments for Brands

As a JICWEBS brand safety ad provider, AdColony was an early-adopter of brand safety. Here they give a run-through of how they assure advertisers that their ads are run in all the right places.

It’s no question that brand safety is a top concern for advertisers. After all, brands need to know that their messaging is aligned with quality content, whether it’s on mobile, the web, or elsewhere. As a platform built around quality — from innovative ad formats and creative executions to the environments in which they’re shown — we take brand safety very seriously. Here’s how:

Screened In-App Supply
As a first layer of defense, much of our supply has already passed Apple & Google content standards to be approved and published on the app stores. On top of this, we have both human touch points and automated processes to check the quality and content of apps that integrate AdColony’s SDK.

Top-Ranking, Publisher-Controlled Content
As our focus is on top-ranking apps outside of social and user-generated content (UGC), our platform consists of today’s primetime apps and sites: sites with high quality, publisher-controlled content.

As such, our advertisers avoid the inherent risks of placements alongside user-generated content and the quality concerns they cause. Instead, we are aligned with high-ranking apps in trusted categories where the content and user quality is high, such as music, entertainment, and games.

Extensive Controls & Blacklists
To provide advertisers with the utmost control in where their ads are seen, each publisher on our network is identified by app name and category. This allows advertisers to blacklist at both the app/site and category level, providing a level of control more granular than even industry-standard IAB categorization.

Transparent Supply
To provide additional peace of mind, we are able to list out all apps and sites eligible for delivery of impressions on a particular campaign. This allows advertisers to further customize the supply targeting for their campaign if so desired.

Trusted Partnerships
Beyond our own technologies, processes, and controls, AdColony is also partnered with leading ad quality measurement vendors, technologies, and trade associations, including: IAB, Nielsen, comScore, Integral Ad Science, MOAT, DoubleVerify, and more.

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