Information for general users


Is the service free to use? is free to use. It is designed to help marketers, agencies, production staff, business people - in fact anyone researching digital advertising providers. You are required to complete a simple registration process. 


What areas of digital advertising do you cover?

Currently we feature two broad providers types:

  • Providers who sell advertising campaigns - whether display advertising, social media ads, native ads or video campaigns
  • Providers who sell creative solutions - that help advertisers create ads, videos and social media assets


How do you choose which ad providers appear in 

The platform is open to all ad providers who provide relevant ads services and technologies. 


Where do you get your information on each ad provider?

We use a multitude of different sources available across the internet and we work directly with ad providers who can update their information free of charge. We also have a research team which monitors industry changes and data set changes to help keep our data on each provider timely and relevant.


How do you rank and prioritise ad providers in the search results?

We use a number of factors to determine order of the results. In fact we look at around 200 data points per provider. One of the most critical factors is based on the provider’s fit to meet an advertiser’s business objectives. We then look at a provider’s fit against budget, service model, pricing model etc. And we also apply weightings against factors like reach (ie how large an audience the provider can reach), data partnerships (how many data partners they interoperate with), brand safety (ie a providers credentials regarding ad verification and transparency around where your ad is placed) and a whole host of other features and  factors.


How do I claim an offer from an ad provider?

Ad providers may create offers to attract new customers. This provides a good opportunity for you to try and compare providers at advantageous rates. To contact a provider about an offer, simply complete the offer request form. The provider will be alerted to your interest and you will be able to take advantage of offer if you choose.


Can I get ad providers to compete for my business?

Yes. As an advertiser you can create a brief which will be anonymously circulated to relevant ad providers. You can choose to limit the number of replies you receive. A brief could be simply a campaign, a test campaign or a full on requirement to source an ad platform to help you manage advertising in-house. If ad providers want to respond to your brief, they will be put in direct contact with you and requested to provider terms of business, pricing etc to you.


How does make money?

Ad providers are keen to promote and sell their services to relevant advertisers and marketers. We offer ad providers a range of products based on advertisers contacting the ad provider, clicking to their website and engaging with their brand through our platform. We are effectively a search and compare engine. If you value the comparison site we offer, please feel free to contact our ad providers through our platform.


Can you run a campaign on my behalf?

Yes. We have a specialist in-house team which can run campaigns or advertising projects on your behalf. This may be ideal for marketers who want a turnkey solution. Contact us with your headline requirements and we’ll get in touch promptly to see how we can help.


How do I get in touch with you?

We always like to hear from advertisers. If you have recommendations, observations, ideas, want to contribute articles or want to discuss an idea, please contact us.



Information for ad providers?


How do I list my services on

Go to I’m A Provider and you can add your company to our database and appear in the service.


My information is incorrect. How do I update it?

Go to the I’m A Provider section. Log in and create an account. If no one in your company has claimed ownership of your company, you can do so here. You wll then need to verify your account via emal - it takes a moment. Then you can then choose a promotional package (if you want to receive leads and create promotions) or you can simply edit your information. 


Someone has already claimed ownership of my company. How can I edit my company info?

If a colleague has already claimed ownership of your company account, you will not be able to edit the company record. If you want to take ownership of the account, please contact us. We are planning to release some functionality to manage these issues going forward, such that you could be automatically added to an account.


How do I create an offer?

First, select a promotional plan which includes offers. Then go your Dashboard > Offers. Here you can add an offer. 


How often am I billed?

You are billed monthly, typically on the last day of the calendar month. Fees will be based on the package you have selected and the agreed ratecard.


How do I respond to a brief?

You can click on the brief and follow the instructions.


How do I change my package?

You can change your package in the Dashboard area. Any cancellations take effect from month end - so if you cancel on the 15th of the month, your cancellation will end on the last day of the calendar month.


I think I should rank higher than I do. What can be done about it?

We aim for the search results to be as effective as possible so don’t currently offer a facility for boosting organic search results. Firstly please ensure your company profile is completed as fully and accurately as possible. This enables our algorithms to most effectively place you in the market. If you still feel this is not correct, please contact us and we can look into it for you. Please note you can choose to purchase a promotional package and this enables more prominence around our platform and alon